Monument App LLC FZ, Dubai

Our base in Dubai serves as the headquarters and holds the majority shareholding in all subsidiaries. With a strategic location in the heart of the Middle East, it serves as a gateway to the global market.With a presence in major innovation hubs worldwide, we have the global reach to connect you with the right resources, partners,and markets

Kayi MFB UK Ltd is established with key holdings including the innovative My Kayi App and accounts with industry leaders such as Stripe Global, Mercury Bank, and Wise. Registered in the United Kingdom by the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales, MyKayiApp offer reliable and secure financial services tailored to meet your needs.


Monument App, Nigeria

Established and operational, Monument App Nigeria is dedicated to serving the vibrant Nigerian market. Our key holdings include the My Kayi App, Kayi Microfinance Bank, and Marino FX Ltd, licensed by SEC Nigeria for Crypto Exchange & NGNm Stablecoin. With a focus on the West African market, which boasts a population of 440 million.

Monument App, Morocco

In the process of establishment and acquiring a Central Bank license, Monument App Morocco through My Kayi App is poised to become a leading financial institution in North African countries, which collectively represent 1/3rd of Africa's total GDP, serving around 270 million people.

Monument App, Senegal

Monument App Senegal is established and in the process of acquiring a CFA Central Bank license. Our key holding, the My Kayi App, will positions us as a leading financial service provider in the region. With a market focus on 14 French-speaking African countries, with a population of approximately 200 million people.

Monument App, Botswana

Monument App Botswana is currently in the process of establishment, to align closely with the central bank of Botswana. Our aim is to serve South and Eastern African countries, encompassing a vast market with a combined population of approximately 600 million people